I may be biased, but I tend to consider the, “I like him as a buddy,” sentiment to be a fake kind of enjoying.

Reason being, a man a woman enjoys as a partner or a prospect gets so much more respect than the usual guy who’s just her friend (and unworthy of her partnership) that it is not even amusing. Try putting the lifelong platonic man pal up against her lover for whom she’s superb intense feelings of two months, of a woman and I’d like to know whose side she is going to choose. Right — it’s the guy she’s going to bed with. At best, she’s going to tell her paramour not to hurt her guy pal — because she’s going to consider her lover powerful, and her guy buddy poor.

If you desire to understand if a girl likes you for real — if you want to understand if she likes you and values you in an intimate and sexual manner — that takes just a little reading between the lines.

Reason why is, girls who like while women who are trying to stop themselves from having something occur or who do not keep up their walls, you put down their walls.

What I mean by “walls” is this: when a girl creates visible, perceptible distance between the two of you, she is created a wall.

Examples of behavior women show when they have built a wall:

They cross their arms or legs
They turn their bodies
They seem vaguely uncomfortable or ill-at-ease
They refuse conformity and generally will not move with you
They break rapport (differ with you) rather than focusing on constructing it
They prevent strong, intense eye contact
Your efforts confound to deep dive and really get to know them better
The four chief reasons why walls are built by girls:

They could tell you’re sexual and they desire to “protect” themselves from becoming too close to you (maybe they’ve a boyfriend; maybe they have familiarity problems)

You are valued by them and are afraid of running too fast to bed with you

They realize they don’t like you and are scared of giving the erroneous signs to you
You’ll discover the common theme among those first three reasons is fear of the effects of intimacy with a man: women scared of becoming intimate with you for one reason or another will defend themselves with social / psychological “walls.” Girls a guy’s managed to alienate or send into auto-rejection will at the same time construct walls, though this is because they afraid of him thinking they like him rather than because they’re fearful of ending up liking him.

For now, suffice it to say that if you want to be able to tell if your girl likes you, look for whether her walls or up or her walls are down.

So how do you realize if a woman’s walls are down? Well, it is not her playing with her hair, and it’s not her laughing at your jokes — those are reactions. Those can be falsified, and girls who have trained themselves falsify those all the time.

You tell whether a girl likes you and if her walls are down by seeking conduct like this:

Her arms and legs are uncrossed
Her body’s turned towards you, or she is leaning into you
She appears quite comfortable around you — maybe even excited
She willingly offers compliance and goes with you when you ask
She focuses on building rapport and finding commonalities with you
She returns and keeps powerful eye contact with you (or timid, flirty eye contact)
She goes along easily with attempts and your deep dives to become familiar with her
If you pay attention to these matters, you will get a much better read on whether a woman likes you than all those confusing mixed signals their hats hang on.

That lady I saw today walking toward me, who looked a little disgusted but then could not quit looking at me and veered had her walls down with me, and that is why I felt she was interested.

That girl I spoke to who was friendly but would not go that lady who rolled her eyes at me I knew liked me because I could sense her walls, and I understood was being considerate because I could feel her walls were not up for me.

Check girls’ walls. The simplest test again is requesting a gal to go with you, but there are lots of small ways — pointed out just above — that you could use to discover how open and available to you a woman is.

Not to mention, after you understand she likes you, nicely, it’s on!


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