Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

At some point in a relationship (usually the beginning, but may be anytime) you’ll probably begin trying out different nicknames on each other. That’s merely what couples do, right? It provides you with two something that only you can bond around with each other and reveals a great deal of fondness. However, it may be super tough to select the perfect cunning name when there are all those different ones to select from, to call your girlfriend! Moreover, you’re going to want to locate the one that fits her personality. You merely won’t be comfortable calling her that in the long run.



The name of the cute little monkey from the Disney movie Aladdin. A pet that is perfect adorable name for one to call your girlfriend.


Ace is the highest position in a deck of cards or it’s someone who is extremely gifted in a specific place of something. Either way it’s the supreme complimentary nickname.


Meaning you believe she’s angelic in each and every way.

Angel eyes

In case you believe she has the most gentle looking set of peepers you could also use Angel eyes. It’s an amazing adorable name for your own girlfriend!

Apple of my eye

The light of your life, the apple of your eye or just only the peanut butter to your jelly sums that all up quite totally.

Apple pie

Sweet, warm and gooey, just like your fantastic girlfriend could possibly be.


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of pleasure, beauty and love.


The simple yet adorable when they’re dating original term for people to utilize on each other.

Baby doll

Ideal to use on a porcelain – like gal. Someone with exquisite beauty and angelic features… like a baby doll would have.

Baby lady

Used by thousands of individuals in relationships.


The modern day term for baby is bae and is extensively used, particularly by younger generations. Before throwing this one at her however, many people get annoyed from the term so check together with your girlfriend.


Caring method to address someone with childlike qualities. Makes an utterly adorable name for your girlfriend.

Baby face

Baby face is a loving nickname given usually to those with more robust features or should they look younger than they’re.

Baby cakes

Someone who you cherish.


Pronounced bah wager. A spunky name that originated in France.


As in the barbie doll figurines.


Someone you locate smokin’ hot.


Bee’s knees

A phrase that was originated in the early 1920s. It means the height of excellence.


A shortened term for best friend. Perfect in case you are dating you’re dating someone you were buddies with long before you became a couple.


For someone incredibly gratifying to consider. Generally with stunning attributes.

Beauty queen

The best nickname for a lady who is really vain, is very girly in general or loves hair and make-up.



Someone called bunny might have a quiet disposition just like a rabbit.

Bon bon

Candies was covered by a bit of sweet chocolate. Bon bon is one of the most cunning names to call your girlfriend!


Initially a male suitor was meant by Beau but over time has conformed to meet both genders.


Bubbles will match anyone who looks “bubbly” in their mannerisms or has an incredibly outgoing personality.



For the women with the junk in the trunk, if you catch the drift!



Perfect for someone that has got you buzzing all the time with joy.



For a woman overflowing with free-spirit and well-being.


If you’re not into cheesy, names that are mushy then this simple one works or if your relationship is just starting out.


As in a beautiful blossom that is blossoming. Worn by people who grow in numerous aspects.

Blue eyed infant

Someone to be identified by a name that is enchanting with bright baby blues.

Brownish eyes


A term used for individuals who have strong enthusiastic qualities about them.


Fits styles that are or like to take charge consider strong leaders.


Cuddlebug is undoubtedly a cute name. It fits.

Cuddle cakes

Another proper name of cuddling for a lover.


A delicious sweet person that everyone loves.