50 Would you rather questions for boyfriend

“Would You Rather” is a great game to play with someone and is a good solution to get acquainted with them! It’s fairly easy: You simply ask a couple of questions you give two choices and that begin with “would you preferably”. The person answering the questions must select among the alternatives.

Some people will make alternative rules, such as in case you refuse to answer a questions, you need to take a shot (if of drinking age), do a challenge, or do something stupid. Allow it to be entertaining, if you’re getting to know someone!

If you are seeing a brand new boy, then it is likely that you don’t know much about them, and you should play Would You Rather from LifeHacks!

On your boyfriend, it can in fact be interesting for him too as he can also have the chance to become familiar with you through the exact same game!

In regards to “Would You Rather” questions for the boyfriend, we’ve some of the cutest ones that can pick right into their nature and expose them!

So here they’re…


Would you rather questions for boyfriend


Hold my hand or put your arm around my waist?

Go watch a film or go see the sunset?

Peck on French kiss or the lips?

Slow grind to a beat that is fast or dancing to a romantic tune?

Ride motorcycles or take a long walk?

Head to a photo booth or take selfies that is daft?

Me cook you breakfast during intercourse or a candlelit dinner?

(Or whatever instrument he can play)

Dress up for a night out or go everyday that is total?

Walk on the seashore with toes in the sand or take a dip in the water?

Go dive or skinny dipping in fully-clothed?

Draw graphics in the sand or make graphics out of clouds?

Go tube or skiing?

Go surfing or jetskiing?

Have a shower with me or a bath with me?

Speak if you ask me about the phone or through text messages?

Pass send text messages or notes?

Kiss about the primary date or wait a few dates?

View a fireworks show or go see a musical?

Go to a concert or make music?

See me with makeup on or without make-up on?

Get smacked on the butt or kissed on the cheek?

Go camping in the mountains or possess a movie night in?

Go out for ice cream or make a sundae bar in the home?

Go on a date with buddies or simply you and me?

Drink liquor in a party with me or drink wine?

See me in lingerie or in a bathing suit?

Me wear a boy or thong shorts?

Me wear your t shirt or one among my skintight cami tops?

Ride a bike with me on the handlebars or a motorcycle on the rear?

Dance under the moon or in a club?

Go out for fine dining or purchase some pizzas and pop?

Go on a destination cruise or take a flight?

Travel all over the world or have a family?

Explore outer space or explore the depths of the oceans?

Buy a card or produce a card?

Be given a present purchased from your shop or a present made by hand?

Compose a love letter or compose a poem?

Get a love letter or receive a poem?

See a romantic comedy or go shopping with me?

Get a tan in the beach or go to a tanning salon?

Get a pedicure or get a massage?

Send me or give me an awesome massage?